SEOForLunch issue #256 covers Bing's new SERP feature in addition to Google's News bug and tips for blocking websites in its result.
In this week's #SEOForLunch (Issue #255) we cover a few Google Search Console updates including UI updates and a known bug causing some users headaches.
SEOForLunch #254 covers Google's announcement of its recent SPAM update being fully rolled out, Interstitial desktop impact, and it's testing of real-t…
SEOForLunch issue #253 covers the latest Google update, future desktop algorithm updates, and the risk of blocking CSS in your robots.txt file.
SEOForLunch #252 covers Google's minor images update, clarifies URL length, and updates to both its structured data and API.
SEOForLunch issue #251 covers a few official updates from both Bing and Google in addition to articles written by the SEO community.
SEOForLunch #250 discusses Google's continuous scrolling (on mobile) and several great pieces published by the SEO industry.
SEOForLunch issue #249 contains FOUR official search engine updates in addition to great resources written by the SEO community.
SEOForLunch issue #248 includes updates from Google on eCommerce best practices, Internet Explorer 11, and URL case sensitivity.
SEOForLunch #247 discusses Google's intent to index Instagram/tiktok videos, the new licensed automobile-rich data, and GSC data delays that are not fi…
SEOForLunch issue #246 covers Google's attempt to generate title tags that are up to date and valuable to its users in its search results.
#SEOForLunch issue #245 covers Bing's "instant indexing" API and Google's recommendation to avoid syndicating content.