Google Announces "Continuous Scrolling" on Mobile Search Results.

SEOForLunch #250 discusses Google's continuous scrolling (on mobile) and several great pieces published by the SEO industry.

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In addition to a personal day on Friday, we celebrated my son’s 10th birthday over the weekend. Below is a picture of a custom “10” donut my wife ordered. To say these were large is an understatement.

Let’s jump into this week’s issue… did I mention this is the 250th #SEOForLunch issue!? WOW. Thanks for all the support throughout the years!


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Search Engine Updates


Continuous scrolling comes to Search on mobile

What's Important:
Niru Anand, Product Manager, Search of Google published a new post explaining that Google’s search results (on mobile) no longer utilize pagination. As a user scrolls towards the bottom of the results, the next set of results (previously page 2) will automatically appear.

Nick's Take:
This seems like a no-brainer from a UX perspective. I suspect 95% of all searches still result in a click before the second set of the results display. However, it would be interesting as more data is collected if (previously) page 2 results generate any more clicks.


Podcast Google Knowledge Panels Go Live

What's Important:
Several individuals reported on Twitter new podcast knowledge panels that started displaying in Google’s search results. (images in the link above)

Nick's Take:
I’ve been digging into knowledge panels a bunch the past month or so. Seeing them expand into podcasts is an exciting update. If you’re leveraging schema markup and being consistent in your podcast naming/description across the web, it’s possible that you may have a new knowledge panel as well!

Top SEO Resources From Last Week

Automated Content Generation for SEO

Written by Vincent Terrasi, Search Engine Journal

Everyone likes the idea of being able to automate their content creation. But is that the only benefit of automated technology like GPT-3? Interesting, Vincent shows how GPT-3 could eventually help us write code too.

From $0 to $200K in 12 months: The truth about Solo Growth

Written by Ryan Darani, Medium

I woke up to a thread on Twitter where I had been mentioned. In part from my own transparent SEO freelancing earning post, Ryan outlined his amazing success from the past 12 months of becoming an SEO Freelancer. Congrats, Ryan!

How to Hide Your House From Google Maps

Written by Lexi Pandell,

I was able to get my house blurred out from Google’s street view several years ago through trial and error. Now someone has put together a simple process for accomplishing the same thing. Note that Lexi mentions that this will not remove/blur images provided from third-party image/map providers.

The State of Technical SEO Report

Article by aira + women in tech SEO teams,

You may recall that I shared a survey link a few times in previous issues of this newsletter. If you participated, thank you! The data is now available for all of us to consume. The data is amazing but the individual quotes is where the gold is located.

Indented Results Roll Out at 40% of SERPS

Written by Dr Pete Meyers,

When I first started in SEO around 2009, Google tested indented organic listings. Fast forward 12 years and they are at it again and this time its not limited to only one indented listing. Dr Pete quantifies it at over 40% of all SERPs contain these indented listings. Are you seeing them too?

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