Bing Offers Access To "Instant Indexing" API

#SEOForLunch issue #245 covers Bing's "instant indexing" API and Google's recommendation to avoid syndicating content.

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With school back in session, it was good to have a bit of a low-key weekend. Sunday was also the first Vikings game of the season. We lost. I was mad. I’m sorta over it … maybe.

The good news is that the week can only go up from here. Let’s jump right into this week’s #SEOForLunch! Have a fantastic weekend.



Wix Continues to Up Its SEO Game


In the latest of a series of major SEO upgrades, Wix now offers full URL customization.

You can customize subdirectory names, edit, remove or add a prefix to your URLs or even create a completely flat URL structure in blog and product pages. Plus, Wix automatically takes care of creating 301 redirects for all impacted URLs. 

That’s on top of a long list of advanced SEO capabilities that are already built-in:

  • Structured data out of the box

  • Bulk 301 redirects

  • Editable robots.txt file

  • GMB integration

  • Enhanced eCommerce for GA

  • Bot log reports 

  • Full control of meta-tags

  • Automatic page caching 

  • Instant homepage indexing (Google) 

Learn More 

Search Engine Updates


Access to Instant Indexing: Bing URL submission API  

What's Important:
Unlike Google, Bing has a public API that allows you to instantly index the content of your site within its search engine. This article walks you through the process of how to get access and utilize this API.

Nick's Take:
I’ve never used this API before. I do have one client when they re-launch their site who could be a very good candidate. Have you used this API before? Leave a note in the comments below and let us all know your experience.


Google: If You Want To Rank For Those Queries Don't Syndicate Or Republish Content

What's Important:
Barry Schwartz covers a conversation about content syndication between Google’s John Mueller and Jason Wheelhouse on Twitter.

Nick's Take:
I believe this is an instance where John’s response is technically correct but the risk is very low. In many instances, there is a significant upside to promoting content across multiple sites.

Top SEO Resources From Last Week

Does Geotagging Photos Influence Ranking?

Written by Joy Hawkins, SterlingSky

Does geotagging your images impact your local SEO performance? Joy covers not only what geotagging is but a few case studies that convinced her of its potential value.

Faceted Navigation: Definition, Examples & SEO Best Practices

Written by Sam Underwood, Ahrefs Blog

Faceted navigation can cause absolute chaos for search engines when handles wrong. However, if you get it right, then faceted navigation and become a treasure trove of long-tail keywords that are some of the most qualified traffic you can get. This guide is well written and Sam walks us through all the risks and best practices.

Your Blueprint to Creating Linkable Assets

Written by David Farkas, UpperRanks

Create an infographic and the links will start pouring in. It’s not quite that easy but it’s a start. David walks us through a few different examples of assets that have done well and others that COULD do much better.

4 Sites Scaling Content with AI (Probably)

Written by Jake,

We’ve all read about automated content creation. What happens when someone fires up the machine and lets it go wild? Jake shares with us 4 sites that might be doing just this.

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