Google Rewrites Title Tags Causing SEOs Headaches

#SEOForLunch #242 - Google recently launched an update that (at times) will update title tag values within the search results automatically.

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Wix Releases More Structured Data Markup Features!


It seems that barely a week goes by without another update to Wix’s SEO capabilities. The latest release gives you even more flexibility to customize structured data markup.

By default, Wix automatically generates structured data markup for dynamic pages such as product and event pages, blog posts, and more. 

Now you can add and edit multiple structured data markups on pages of the same type in one go. Add custom markups from your favorite schema generator tools or customize Wix’s built-in presets. And it’s become a cinch to switch between article subtype presets for blog posts too.

There’s also a quick link for structured data validation in Google's Rich Results Test tool. You can find out all you need to know about these new updates right here.

Official Search Engine Updates

Article: Google Hears Title Snippet Feedback, Hopes To Improve Results

What's Important:

Google recently launched an update that allows title tags to display in the search results that are different than what site owners specified in the <title> value. This change has caused a lot of site owners to be upset.

Nick's Take:
The first two links in the “top resources from last week” below contain posts by Lily Ray and Brodie Clark. Both of their posts cover the issue at length and the impact that sites are having.

Article: Google link spam update still not fully rolled out (3 weeks later)

What's Important:
Google announced back in July that it was rolling out a link spam update. Barry Schwartz received confirmation from Google’s Danny Sullivan that the update is not yet fully rolled out.

Nick's Take:
Danny responded to another tweet (covered in Barry’s post) that a lot of (the rollout) has been completed. He suspects it will be completed this week. So continue to keep an eye on your site's performance and know this could be a factor if you see any sort of dip in organic (Google) performance.

Video: Why does a “site:” query not show all my pages?

What's Important:
John Mueller explains that a site: is not comprehensive nor should be used as a diagnostics tool. He further recommends utilizing Google’s Search Console.

Nick's Take:
I have one client who launched a multi-million-page website and was fixated on the site: query. Over time I was able to help them trust the GSC reports but I can fully understand why the discrepancy between the two tools can cause confusion. It’s nice to have another resource directly from Google to help clarify.

Article: Helping people and businesses learn how Search works

What's Important:
Google published (yesterday) a post announcing a fully-redesigned How Search Works website. As stated in its title, this website walks users through the ins and outs of Search.

Nick's Take:
Most people won’t give this site a second thought. However, even the most advanced marketers can always use a reminder as to how Google works. I think they did a great job redesigning this site. Definitely worth 30 seconds of your time.

Top SEO Resources From Last Week

Is Google Showing Different Organic Titles in August 2021?

Written by Lily Ray, Amsive Digital

Lily covers in detail the title tag change update that occurred around August 17th (verified only by third-party tools). Lily further demonstrates examples of this update causing horribly wrong (and even flat out inaccurate) titles.

Google Title Tag Update: A Highlight for Extraction Methods & Approaches to SEO

Written by Brodie Clark,

Brodie’s article is very complimentary to Lily’s, in-fact they both link to each others findings to make an even more solid argument for this update being a bit too “fine-tuned”. If nothing else, I recommend you check out the FAQ section at the bottom.

The 3 stages of SEO career development

Written by Kevin Indig,

Have you been thinking about the future of your career in SEO? Kevin does a fantastic job of outlining 3 stages that most SEOs go through. It might seem obvious to you but in my experience, not many even want to reach what he defines as “stage 3”.

How to do keyword research in a language you don’t speak

Written by Lidia Infante, Rise At Seven

I’ve done some international keyword research but 9/10 times I think it’s best to have it completed by a native speaker from that location. It’s hard to determine intent through Google translate. However, if you need to tackle this on your own then this article is a great starting point.

4 Signs That Link Building Isn’t Right for Your Business

Written by Paddy Moogan, Search Engine Journal

Paddy is well regarded for his (and his company’s) ability to build inbound links. So when he says there are situations where link building isn’t appropriate I tend to listen. While I agree with all his reasons, number three is one that I nod my head the most from this list.

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