Google To Index Instagram & TikTok Videos?

SEOForLunch #247 discusses Google's intent to index Instagram/tiktok videos, the new licensed automobile-rich data, and GSC data delays that are not fixed.

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Hi Lunch Buddies!

Don’t you love when you have a day where you feel like everything is just humming at 100%? That was my entire past week.

I met up with two local marketing folks which resulted in great conversations.
I received two very interesting project leads that closed within 24 hours.
I received verbal confirmation of a retainer renewal from a client.
I helped a client obtain a misspelling of their domain they’ve been after for years.
I finished writing the latest The SEO Freelancer post about establishing goals.
I won all three of my fantasy football matchups this week.
And most importantly, I celebrated my twin girls 8th birthday.

All in all, it was a great week and definitely kept me motivated through the weekend and into this week. I hope you all are having a fantastic week too!

Let’s jump into this week’s newsletter.


WIX announced big SEO upgrades


In the latest of a series of major SEO upgrades, Wix now offers full URL customization.

You can customize subdirectory names, edit, remove or add a prefix to your URLs or even create a completely flat URL structure in blog and product pages. Plus, Wix automatically takes care of creating 301 redirects for all impacted URLs. 

That’s on top of a long list of advanced SEO capabilities that are already built-in:

  • Structured data out of the box

  • Bulk 301 redirects

  • Editable robots.txt file

  • GMB integration

  • Enhanced eCommerce for GA

  • Bot log reports 

  • Full control of meta-tags

  • Automatic page caching 

  • Instant homepage indexing (Google) 

Learn More 

Search Engine Updates


Google Confirms GSC Data Delay [NOW FIXED]

What's Important:
The Google Search Central Twitter account announced on 9/21 that they were aware of a reporting delay within the Google Search Console. As of 9/23, they followed up with an announcement that the issue was addressed and the data was available and should “come in at usual speed.”

Nick's Take:
Google Search Console data is typically available within 24 hours so this issue caused a bit of an issue for some marketers. However, this is no longer an issue.


Google launches automotive rich results “licensed data, not scraped”

What's Important:
After an updated rich result started displaying in the SERPS for various automotive queries, many users were concerned that Google was scraping and displaying data from the web. Google’s Danny Sullivan tweeted that the data is indeed licensed and NOT coming from the open web or any form of schema markup.

Nick's Take:
The biggest risk to a site’s organic search is no longer another website but Google itself. As Google continues to get access and publishes data directly in the SERP, users won’t have any reason to click into a search listing.


Google Working on Indexing Instagram & TikTok Videos

What's Important:
Google is reportedly talking to Instagram and TikTok to index their video content in their search results.

Nick's Take:
This article further discusses how the agreement could work similarly to how they index Twitter content.

Top SEO Resources From Last Week

How To Automate Crawl Reports In Data Studio

Written by Dan Sharp, Screaming Frog

This is cool. I must have been living under a rock because I didn’t even realize you could integrate ScreamingFrog and Google Data Studio let alone automate it. Guess what’s on my “to-do” list this week!?

Google SERP feature notes

Written by Brodie Clark, Brodie Clark Consulting

If you aren’t following Brodie on Twitter you should fix that right now. He is always tweeting about various SERP features and tests that he discovers. Fortunately for all of us, he is now documenting his findings in a useful timeline on his site too.

Healthcare Schema Markup: Evolution of the Physician Rich Result

Written by Elise Marion, SchemaApp

Do you work in-house or have a client in the medical space? The healthcare schema markup is definitely something you want to include in your site. Elise walks us through what it is, how to implement it and how the feature displays in the SERPs.

10 Mistakes in 10 Years in SEO

Article by Patrick Langridge, Screaming Frog

I try to avoid listing 2 articles from the same company in any given week. However, I’m a sucker for lessons learned posts. Patrick covers 10 mistakes he’s made in his 10 years in SEO. This serves as a great reminder that we should all be reflecting on our careers and making sure that we grow from our mistakes. Great post, Patrick.

The Ultimate Guide to Digital PR

Written by Chris Long, Moz

Some say that link building is dead. Long live digital PR. But what the heck is digital PR and how is it different than spamming people with a million emails? Chris goes into detail about several types of campaigns and how to go about executing them.

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