Google: "Page Experience Rollout Now Complete"

Google announced on September 2nd that its Page Experience update is now fully rolled out. The update started back on June 15th.

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Happy belated Labor Day to those who live in the United States. I took most of the day soaking up as much family time up before the kids all go back to school (today).

With school coming up fast I intentionally kept last week a bit light. It allowed me to write and publish a new post in my second newsletter, TheSEOFreelancer titled How much should an SEO Freelancer Expect To Make?

Without further adieu, let’s jump into this week’s #SEOForLunch.


Orphan Pages: How to Find and Fix Them


Orphan pages are often overlooked, but they can be a big help in improving your site's SEO performance

But what exactly are orphan pages? And why should you care? 

We’ve covered everything you need to know — what orphan pages are, why they matter and how to find them. Learn how you can adopt orphan pages into your site structure for a winning SEO strategy.

Find and fix orphan pages today

Search Engine Updates


Google Announces the Completion of its Page Experience Update

What's Important:
Back in June Google tweeted that it was rolling out its Page Experience update. This update notably includes Core Web Vital metrics as a ranking factor. Details about this release are available here.

Nick's Take:
Many businesses spent a lot of time and money improving their site’s page speed and Core Web Vital metrics. With so many updates recently released by Google, it’s very difficult to say if your site improved or lost performance from this particular update. It’s very likely that this is a smaller update but shouldn’t deter you from continuing to prioritize your site speed.


Google: Don't Put Too Much Content On Category Pages

What's Important:
Barry Schwartz recapped a segment within Google’s SEO office-hours broadcast in which Google’s John Mueller emphasizes not overdoing content on an eCommerce category page.

Nick's Take:
Adding “content blocks” to eCommerce category pages has been widely regarded as an SEO best practice for many years. John didn’t state that it wasn’t valuable but that you don’t need to write a “Wikipedia article” for each page.

Top SEO Resources From Last Week

The ranking impact of removing e-commerce category descriptions [Case Study]

Written by Glenn Gabe, GSQi

A very timely article given John Mueller’s comments (above). Glenn walks us through a case study for a website he helped through multiple algorithm updates. In this particular case study, Glenn’s client saw an overwhelming increase in rankings from tweaking (reducing) the content on-page.

How to Build a Content Marketing Team

Written by Josh Ritchie, Business2Community

Most if not all SEOs would agree that adding quality content to a site can only increase the site’s organic performance. What not everyone understands is that it takes more than just “adding words” and that an entire team is needed to do this successfully.

Note. I do not endorse their mention of Neil Patel as an “SEO Expert” but the article non less is a good read.

How to Calculate Your SEO ROI Using Google Analytics

Written by Adriana Stein,

One of the biggest tips I can offer for separating legitimate SEOs from the pretenders is how they go about reporting on your investment. Those individuals (or agencies) focused exclusively on keywords and (busy work) deliverables aren’t going to get the job done. A great SEO will always weigh (and measure/report) the financial ROI against the larger strategy execution plan. Great article.

Multilingual Image SEO: Reflecting your audience for maximum success

Written by Laura James, Hallam Internet

OK, I admit it. I’ve been guilty of helping launch international sites that have HREFLang and basic (country/language) specific on-page optimizations. Laura helps us understand the larger implications of international SEO and how not doing your research can hurt much more than just your site’s SEO.

Are you Problem Solving or Capacity Building?

Written by Tom Critchlow, SEOMBA

Tom’s SEO MBA newsletter is one of my favorites. I often need to re-read his posts as it makes me critically think which already makes the content stand out from 90% of the rest of the SEO content published. This post is no different. Tom tackles an all-so-important topic of problem-solving vs capacity building. Are you giving the person a fish to feed them once or teaching them to fish for a lifetime of meals? This same approach is critical to scaling SEO in any company.

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