SEOForLunch issue #251 covers a few official updates from both Bing and Google in addition to articles written by the SEO community.
SEOForLunch #250 discusses Google's continuous scrolling (on mobile) and several great pieces published by the SEO industry.
SEOForLunch issue #249 contains FOUR official search engine updates in addition to great resources written by the SEO community.
SEOForLunch issue #248 includes updates from Google on eCommerce best practices, Internet Explorer 11, and URL case sensitivity.
SEOForLunch #247 discusses Google's intent to index Instagram/tiktok videos, the new licensed automobile-rich data, and GSC data delays that are not fi…
SEOForLunch issue #246 covers Google's attempt to generate title tags that are up to date and valuable to its users in its search results.
#SEOForLunch issue #245 covers Bing's "instant indexing" API and Google's recommendation to avoid syndicating content.
Google announced on September 2nd that its Page Experience update is now fully rolled out. The update started back on June 15th.
#SEOForLunch issue #243 - Google opened up a thread to share feedback regarding its recent title tag change. We also cover GSC data issues & hiding des…
#SEOForLunch #242 - Google recently launched an update that (at times) will update title tag values within the search results automatically.
#SEOForLunch issue 241 - In this week's #SEOForLunch I share some incredibly excitinging news.
#SEOForLunch 240 - Google recently made an update to their crawl budget documentation. It now includes a small quiz so you can test yourself on your tr…